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Why Joining GBMBA ?

A Smart Decision and a Safe investment

  • By joining the Greater Brockton Minority Business Association (GBMBA), you are making a smart decision which will result in considerable return on your investment. Your GBMBA membership affords you numerous benefits:

Participation in activities

  • Becoming a member of the GBMBA is a great way to integrate into the business community of Greater Brockton. Your participation in the activities will allow you to make yourself known and to get actively involved in the economic development of our association and our region. . 

Leverage Strong Network

  • The increased number of members increases a collective credibility and allows us to better represent, promote, and defend the interests of our association and our region. 

Ensure Growth of your Enterprise

  • Your membership is important to us. In addition to the activities and networking that are interesting and rewarding, our association’s commitment to the growth of your enterprise is the main benefit of your membership